Wow… what an experience to see all the “stuff” floating through the pipes. A hardworking Aussie bloke can put his butt over the “chair of cleansing” and come out feeling awesome. Thanks Carla!


Would highly recommend to family and friends. Lovely, relaxing atmosphere and friendly environment and staff. Had colonics for many years and definitely the best clinic in Aus! Thank you.


I couldn’t go without one! The feeling afterwards makes me feel so much lighter, I can focus more, and I feel clean on the inside! Carla always fit me in for last minute appointments.


I’ve been coming to Calma Colonics for a while now and love the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Carla are so lovely and it’s great to have a chat. Weekly colonics have become an essential part of my lyme disease treatment as they help me detox. They’re a great way to cleanse and heal. Highly recommend.

happy customer

I love the vibe at Calma colonics – I’ve had colonics all over the country and feel most relaxed here. Carla are fantastic, very funny and supportive. The facilities are very clean and tidy and the place smells delicious (ironic for a clinic that deals with poop!). I look forward to many more sessions and stimulating poop talk

happy client

After using the closed system, I found the LIBBE open system far more private and relaxing. The friendly people here at Calma Colonics make for a pleasant and relaxing experience. It’s great!

web designer

Such a clean, friendly and atmosphere – such a different atmosphere to other colon clinics. This experience should be had by so many people – it’s so beneficial… I love this place, as well as how I feel after a colonic and the friendly staff here. Definitely coming back again, and recommend this place to everybody!

happy client

Came here with my girlfriend for a romantic day and it was just that – candles, music and a sensual bum-flush. Friendly team and good atmosphere.

“Feeling fantastic – sit back an relax.” – The lucky girlfriend.

loyal client

First one (colonic) and from a guy. I’m meat eating broke who would never have anything up his whoo whoo… I’ve now had something small up my whoo whoo. Very easy process, very different, very good

Mr B