Colonic Irrigation is a safe, effective and gentle way to cleanse the whole body of toxins, remove built up waste and helps rebuild your Gut.

The colon is the body’s waste disposal area. An average sized colon is about 1.5 metres long, 5cm wide and can hold up to 5kgs of toxic waste (faeces). We are exposed to toxins from a variety of areas, including our diet and lifestyle choices, pollution, pharmaceuticals. If the body fails to eliminate all of the toxins in a quick, efficient way, a build up of toxins can seep into your healthy body tissue and cause a variety of health problems with your kidneys, skin, liver, lungs and lymph systems. Colonic Irrigation provides many benefits, including overcoming constipation, bloating, kickstarts weightloss.

Colonic Irrigation is the process of safely removing built up, or impacted toxic waste from the colon, using purified water. The filtered water is temperature controlled between 34 and 38 degrees celsius, and is gravity fed into the colon to provide an inner cleansing.  The continuous gentle flow of purified water encourages natural bowel movement that rids the body of waste.  The muscles of your colon will contract many times during the 45 minute treatment to expel waste.

How will I feel after my Colonic Irrigation treatment?

Our clients report feeling lighter, cleansed, relaxed and re-energised after a treatment. Read more about what our client’s experience during a Colonic Irrigation session.

The Colon Irrigation treatment will hydrate your system, remove toxic waste from your body and improve your overall health and wellbeing, and combined with our other detox treatments will leave you feeling revitalised.

Colon cleansing provides many benefits to your overall health and wellbeing, and not just your Gut Health. Click here for our full list of benefits.

How many treatments will I need?

Whilst everybody is different, we recommend an initial treatment of 3 – 4 sessions within a two week period, and a minimum of a monthly treatment to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

Feel relaxed, lighter and cleansed today with a Colonic Irrigation treatment at Detox Centre.

Need more convincing about whether you should give Colonic Irrigation a try?

View 5 famous celebrities who swear by Colonic Irrigation to maintain overall health and wellbeing. Or better yet, check out what our clients say, and why they loved their Colonic Irrigation experience.