A private experience, allowing you to relax.

At Detox Centre, we use the LIBBE open system. Gentle and completely safe, the open system is the most updated technology in colon cleansing and is gentle and completely safe. This system allows you to be in a private room without a therapist and you are able to relax and release as needed.

With our open system, you will be alone in the treatment room for your 45 minute session, with the support of our qualified colon hydrotherapists only a moment away should you require their assistance. Detox Centre support you at every stage of your colon cleansing process, but we also understand your need for privacy during the cleanse. This differs from the closed system, a hydrotherapist will remain with you during the treatment.

Our LIBBE open system is a gravity fed water system, where water fluctuates between 34 and 37 degrees celsius. When the water is warmer, this stimulates greater movement in the bowel and promotes a ‘flush’ of toxins from the colon, and cooler water provides a rest for the colon. Learn more about our colonic irrigation process here. A small tube is inserted into your rectum, which is no larger than your index finger, and is only put in a few centimetres. Water is fed into your colon through this tube, and you will release water and waste, which will be released around this tube for the colon cleanse. Don’t worry the tube stays in easily during the whole treatment, and provides no discomfort at all. During this time, you are laying comfortably on a state of the art toilet, completely covered from the waist down, in a private, relaxing room..

Are colonic treatments or the open system dangerous in any way?

No – the LIBBE open system colonic irrigation system is approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and ensure the highest quality and safest experience for colon cleansing with us.

You have continual control over the water pressure and temperature during a colonic treatment, under the guidance of the Detox Centre team. Our irrigation beds are TGA approved and all equipment is sterilised using hospital grade disinfectant and cleaners. Colonic irrigation is not habit forming, and improves the function and strength of the colon. Your safety and wellbeing is paramount to us, therefore If at any stage during your treatment you have a concern, we will be there to help – you only need to press the buzzer beside the bed!

Calma Colonics open system – TGA approved.

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