“All diseases begin in the gut” Hippocrates

Gut health is compromised due to the modern western diet (laden with processed foods), poor lifestyle choices, lack of movement for the body, stress, exposure to toxins, smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Colon hydrotherapy or  colonic irrigation, is one way you can kick start a cleanse for your digestion, by clearing it of trapped waste stuck in the bowel. Colonics assist to overcome gut concerns like constipation, bloating and gas as well assisting the removal of parasites and candida from the body.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised at how simple, private and easy the process is, and the feeling of a true ‘inside out’ clean they are left with.

You can expect to feel lighter, empty and fresh after a colon hydrotherapy.

So you know exactly what to expect, and how to prepare, we’re broken it down for you – simple follow the links for more information.

What is colonic irrigation

Colonic Irrigation benefits

Colon Cleansing Process

The open system


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